Install & Setup

It’s time to get you connected to a better experience. This process only takes about 10 minutes. Don't worry, we'll walk you through the simple setup process.


Smarter. Faster. Safer.

We’ve created a new way to ensure your Ultimate WiFi experience is delivered with ease and simplicity.

Reliable Service First

Our technicians will validate that the service is active at your house. Then, we’ll deliver the equipment right to your door.

Guided Install. Together.

The CommandIQ™ WiFi app makes setup quick, easy and secure. We’ll walk you through that process and provide you with 24/7 support.

Stuck? Contact your service provider.

Installation Steps

Follow these easy steps to upgrade your current system to the best your service provider
has to offer! Or watch the install video.

Step 1

Locate and disconnect
the power on your existing GigaCenter

Step 2

Unbox your new GigaSpire
Ultimate Wi-Fi system.

Hold on. Before moving on, disconnect the ethernet cables from the GigaCenter and connect them to the same ports on the back of the GigaSpire.

If you have questions,
give your service provider a call.

Step 3

Take power cord and plug it into GigaSpire and wall outlet. Your system may take up to 10 minutes to
boot up.

Step 4

A green light will indicate a success installation. Now lets get up set up with the CommandIQ Wi-Fi app

Step 5: Download the CommandIQ
app to set up your WiFi.

Select your Phone





Follow along with
this video

Watch the video below to set up your CommandIQ app.

Learn more about your new service
with these free resources:

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How-To Videos

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For further support with your system, contact your service provider