Stay protected while
you're connected.

Keep Information In
And Intruders Out.

Your devices are essential to your life. As your 24/7 internet watchman, ProtectIQ offers multi-layered protection for even your most vulnerable devices like smartTVs, thermostats and WiFi cameras.

You Connect Your Devices.
We'll Ensure They're Protected.

ProtectIQ puts a shield between your devices and bad actors, stopping threats before
they ever make it to your device.

Your Home Network Is Secure With ProtectIQ


Achieves real-time threat protection
for all your connected devices.


Monitors all network traffic data before
anything gets to your devices.


Keeps the most vulnerable
devices protected like smartTVs,
cameras and thermostats.


Defends against intrusions, threats,

viruses and malware before they ever

make it to your devices.


Sends you regular notifications—

keeping you in the know 24/7.

Safe. Simple. Device Protection.

ProtectIQ™ is
Internet Peace
of Mind.

An ounce of prevention is better than … you know
the old adage. ProtectIQ ontinuously looks for
known threats, viruses, intrusions and malware
across all internet traffic flowing to your individual
devices. With ProtectIQ your Wi-Fi is secure.

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