Ultimate WiFi for
everyone in your home.

Balance everyone's needs without skipping a beat

Welcome to the

Ultimate WiFi

Simple, Whole Home

GigaSpire BLAST Ultimate WiFi blankets your home inside and out with seamless connectivity and speed

Easy Setup and Control

Setup your WiFi, control access, and resolve connectivity issues easily – all from the CommandIQ® app ​

Safe and Secure

Create a personalized WiFi experience for everyone in your home with ExperienceIQ™ enhanced parental controls

Peaceful and
Harmonious WiFi

WiFi is the glue that binds our digital life. Whether you’re working from home, schooling from home, or running anything online – it just needs to run smoothly. With GigaSpire BLAST Ultimate WiFi you can be up and running in minutes.

  • Connect more than 200 devices in minutes
  • Expands full speed WiFi, inside and outside your home
  • Reduces WiFi interference to eliminate drops

Your rules. Enforced.

Kids having trouble focusing, staying on task and keeping to a schedule? Eliminate distractions and manage screen time with enhanced parental controls and the CommandIQ™ app. Personalize WiFi for everyone and every device in the home. Protect the family from inappropriate content with ExperienceIQ™.


Filter entire categories of the internet. Decide which apps and websites can be accessed.

Setup Profiles

Create customized profiles for everyone in your family.

Pause Internet

Ready for uninterrupted family time? Simply pause the internet from the CommandIQ® App.

Usage History

Carefully review and monitor internet activity with ease.

ProtectIQ™. Smart.

Do you have anti-virus protection on all your devices? Is it up to date? What about that doorbell camera or smartTV? The truth is all your devices are at risk of threats, intrusions, and attacks. ProtectIQ™ keeps your personal information and devices safe.

24/7 Scanning

Always-on scanning because malicious software and network threats don’t take days off.

Automatic Blocking

ProtectIQ™ automatically blocks and freezes attempts to access valuable information without your consent.

Intrusion Prevention

ProtectIQ™ creates a wall around your home network—stopping viruses from entering your digital life.

It’s Managed WiFi

It’s more than WiFi. GigaSpire BLAST Ultimate WiFi isn’t just about having speeds. It’s about ensuring you and your family are equipped for anything that comes your way. WiFi you don’t have to worry about is the best WiFi.

Simple Setup

Get started in minutes with either guided setup or in-home professional assistance.


Always-ready 24/7 support to answer questions, provide solutions, and keep your family moving.


Automatic updates deployed directly to your system—keeping your family protected from the latest viruses.

Command the Internet

Create a moment. In one touch. CommandIQ is packed with features to help you connect or disconnect so you can be present and the in the moment.